by the Little Rock String Quartet

Official contract for the personal services of the Little Rock String Quartet, heron called ARTIST, on the engagement described below, made this date, between the undersigned purchaser(s) of services, heron called PURCHASER(S). The ARTIST is engaged on the terms and conditions hereof, and PURCHASER(S) agrees to be bound by the terms and conditions.

DEPOSIT: A $200 NON-refundable Deposit is required to reserve your date. An online invoice will be issued once your date is confirmed available to insure a speedy hold. Paypal, Visa, MC, AMEX accepted.

REMAINING PAYMENT DUE 30 DAYS PRIOR to EVENT: If you are booking 30 days or less from your event, the entire balance is due to hold your date. An online invoice will be issued for the remaining balance. Paypal, Visa, MC, AMEX accepted.

OUTDOOR EVENTS: If your event is outdoors you agree that there will be a covered area at least 10'x10’ as the elements can be extremely dangerous to our instruments. We cannot perform outdoors in weather below 60 degrees or above 90 degrees. If you plan on a summer outdoor wedding we must be in the shade under covering. We cannot play in direct sunlight, rain, snow, strong wind or mist. If you are planning an outdoor wedding that could have a below 60 degree day or an above 90 degree day, please have an alternative INDOOR plan to insure that the quartet can play (your guests will appreciate this as well ;-) Playing on these fragile instruments in the cold can cause them to crack and the extreme hot temperatures can cause the wood glue to loosen.

TRAVEL outside the Little Rock, North Little Rock, Pulaski County area: We are happy to accomadate events outside of the Little Rock city limits. We charge $100 per hour round trip of driving time based on the Google maps distances (rounded to the nearest 15 minutes). Milage starts at the Little Rock city limits. Maximum travel outside of Little Rock is 70 miles each direction. Travel fee examples are listed on our website.

SPACE: The string quartet will require a 10'x10' area to perform. A square area is best so that we can see and hear each other.

VISIBILITY: The string quartet (ARTISTS) must be able to see the entrance area of the wedding party (Wedding Bookings Only)

EQUIPMENT: PURCHASER(S) shall provide 4 ARMLESS chairs SET UP in the performance space.

LIGHTING: Please place the string quartet (ARTISTS) in a well lit area. If that is not possible, the PURCHASER(S) will notify the string quartet well ahead of time so that they may bring light stands.

ACCOMPANY A VOCALIST: If the ARTISTS are to accompany a vocalist, the vocalist must furnish the ARTISTS with the accompaniments in string quartet form in the proper key no less then two weeks prior the the event. The Little Rock String Quartet will not be expected to play piano sheet music or choir parts, or the mass parts for full masses.

BREAKS for 2 & 3 Hours events/Cocktail Hour/Reception: The string quartet requires a 10 minute break per every 50 minutes of playing

PARKING: must be provided at the performance location.

MOVING EQUIPMENT to another venue: This will be regarded as performance time not as intermission time.

EVENT START & END TIME: The start and finish times stated here shall be adhered to. Music will be provided during the agreed time only. An agreement to advance the start time will automatically advance the finish time.

REPERTOIRE: There is a repertoire list on on website. If you want something that is not on the list, please let us know and we may attempt to obtain and/or arrange your request for an extra fee.

CANCELLATION by Purchaser(s): If the PURCHASER(S) cancels the event, the ARTISTS will need at least 30 days notice or the PURCHASER(S) will still be responsible to pay the full balance. The DEPOSIT is NON Refundable.

CANCELLATION by the String Quartet (ARTISTS) : If the ARTISTS have to cancel the event, the ARTISTS will refund the deposit and all money that has been paid for the contracted services and the quartet will not be liable for any damages resulting from this failure to perform.

CANCELLATION Due to WEATHER: If the weather is hazardous and cancels your event, the string quartet will reschedule the time and date at no extra charge. If the quartet is not available, they will try to provide an available quartet. If that is not possible, a refund will come back to the PURCHASER(S) except for the deposit.

SEVER WEATHER: In the event of inclement weather, which includes tornado warnings, dangerous snow or ice, or flood conditions, or if it is truly unsafe to drive, the ARTISTS will not attend and the PURCHASER(S) will be refunded. The Deposit is non-refundable.

UNFORESEEN EMERGENCY: If due to vehicular accident or medical emergency the Little Rock String Quartet is unable to attend an event, the ARTISTS will refund the PURCHASER(S) the full payment and the quartet will not be liable for any damages resulting from this failure to perform.

SICKNESS: If a member if the string quartet falls ill and no replacement can be found, the quartet will be reduced to a trio and a partial refund will go back to the PURCHASER(S).

LIABILLITY: The amount of liability for any performance will be equal to the amount of the contract.